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Our Compliance Standards


ALTA Best Practices

To help highlight policies and procedures the industry exercises to protect lenders and consumers the American Land and Title Association developed a standard know as ALTA Best Practices. These standards are organized into seven pillars; licensing, escrow and trust accounting, protecting non-public personal information, settlement processes, policy production, insurance coverage and consumer complaints.


Miller Home Title Uses Encrypted Email to Secure all Non-Public Personal Information.

Will you see a difference in the way you receive an email?
Your encrypted Email will be delivered just as your regular Email is delivered, showing that there are attachments. When a recipient receives an encrypted Email, they will see a list of the ShareFile Attachments.

How do I download my attachments?
You will then click the Download Attachments button. On some email programs you may have to click on your download attachments on the bottom left of your email screen. This will then bring you to a log in screen. You will be required to enter your email address, first and last name. You will not need to create a user id or password.

Encrypted Emails are available in the portal for 6 months from the sent date, after which time they expire.

For assistance with encryption email please email:
[email protected] or call 440-934-3003

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